Summer 2016
It won't be long now before you can get your hands on the next bizarre volume by Tom Joyce. His first collection of short stories, The Devil's Kazoo Band Don't Take Requests, continues along the exceptionally odd lines of his debut novel, The Freak Foundation Operative's Report, with tales of unearthly evil hiding in your favorite casual dining restaurant, a secret sect that uses a special device to root out turncoats, and an updated spin on some old pulp characters you might find familiar. Stand by soon for the cover reveal!
Available June 28

Hello, Harmonium

In August, we'll be launching a new imprint, Harmonium, dedicated to music in all forms, including fiction, nonfiction and, yes, actual recorded music.

Under Harm
onium Books, we will offer a new edition
of Gerry LaFemina's Clamor, 
which will include a special CD featuring two not-so-fictional-after-all songs
mentioned in the book that LeFemina wrote and recorded with his band.
Available August 23

And, for those who came of age in the 90s witho
ut a guitar to scream behind, a new edition of Wayne Lockwood's
Acid Indigestion Eyes:
Collected Essays and Musings on Generation X
. These acclaimed national newspaper columns cover plenty of musical ground, from Bird to Cobain.
Available October 25

Harmonium Recordings
proudly announces the first CD
by Washington, D.C., band
Ghost Halftones, fronted
with a guitar to scream
behind by Harmonium author
Wayne Lockwood.
Special advance copies will be available at both the Brooklyn and Baltimore book festivals in September ahead of fall CD release shows in New York City, Philadelphia and Our Nation's  Capital, but you can get a taste of the band at Rock n Read, a benefit for the Frostburg State University Center for Literary Arts, at Dante's Bar in Frostburg, Md., on April 10.
Available on Halloween

Where We've Been
Authors Tom Joyce
and Scott B. Pruden just returned from a great weekend at Central PA ComicCon in York, Pa. Assisted by Codorus intern Andrew Pruden, they sold books, made friends and
made merry among the legions of fandom and within proximity of actress Nichelle Nichols of Star Trek fame.

Where We'll Be
In the next few months, catch Scott B. Pruden at a couple of multi-author events in the Philadelphia orbit:
  • April 24, 3-5 p.m. at Galer Estate Winery in Chadds Ford, Pa., with John Dixon, Ginny Beards, Matty Dalrymple and Bruce Mowday. or
  • May 21, noon-2 p.m. at Levante Brewing Co., in West Chester, Pa., with Bruce Mowday, Charlene Briggs, Jon McGoran. Matty Dalrymple and Merry Jones.

More events included from all our authors as they're announced!

Codorus Poets Series No. 1
Dirt Gods

by Insley Smullen

Acclaimed poet Insley Smullen emerges from the wilds to deliver a focused collection that plays with the line, if one even exists, between beast and man. Dirt Gods is a sustained prayer to the small things that might really be the greater of us all.

Praise for Dirt Gods

Insley Smullen is a feral child. In Dirt Gods, she navigates her way through the human world using the wild language of the earth that raised her. The fearless address these poems assume reminds us of the ecstatic play that we never truly lost only lost touch with. And with a series of howls Insley reminds us that magic will happen / the way it always / does."
-- Janaka Stucky, founder of Black Ocean Press, author of The World Will Deny It for You

Insley Smullen offers up lowercase prayers to a series of household deities, fallible idols who feed and bleed and sometimes talk back. Rooted in an American landscape, Smullen uses an idiom wholly her own to pair the sacred with the profane.
-- Jehanne Dubrow, author of Red Army Red

Also available for shipping May 1: Two limited editions of
Dirt Gods featuring special negative (reverse) covers.

* Signed and numbered edition of 20 copies: $20
* Signed and lettered edition of 26 copies with a special, original piece of linocut artwork by the author mounted on the inside back cover: $30

Advance ordering available soon on these special editions! Only available direct from Codorus!


Literary Genre Fiction
The Freak Foundation Operative's Report
By Tom Joyce

Masked worshippers of a bloodthirsty, ancient god -- calling themselves The Slain -- have the Central Pennsylvania city of Batley under siege.

Between slugs of rotgut, a skeptical operative must use wits and bare knuckles to connect a part-time faerie queen, the sordid history of a carnival and a reclusive cult leader who may have unleashed unearthly evil.

The Freak Foundation Operative's Report is a shell game of a novel that combines elements of hardboiled mysteries, occult thrillers and dark social satire. It's H.P. Lovecraft meets Elmore Leonard by way of the Marx Brothers.

Praise for The Freak Foundation Operative's Report:

"Quirky humor punctuates this mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a pseudo-supernatural story with a soft nougat center. Joyce's uncanny ability to write in different voices and points of view puts me in mind of reading Max Brooks' World War Z ... only without the zombies. And without the Brad Pitt movie. Yet...."
-- Michael S. Katz, author of Shalom on the Range and The Silver Lady

"Tom Joyce's novel The Freak Foundation Operative's Report drew me in from the first sentence as the mind-altering mystery of The Slain unfolds through his exceptional writing. Each character was so real that I found myself forgetting this was fiction. It's impossible to believe this is a first novel. I can't wait to read the next work from this highly inventive author."
-- Linda D. Addison, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of How to Recognize a Demon Has Become Your Friend


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